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Subject:Re: Migrating to MySQL
Date:7 Dec 2020 08:56:40 -0400
From:"Thies Grimm" <>

Hello Pascal,

so I would recommend:

1. Check compabilty BDE // SQL Server database
2. Right Management
3. Schemes on SQL Server
4. Functions
5. Rebuild your Paradox Forms

1. Check compabilty BDE // SQL Server database

Check different drivers, ODBC ...

for example the MS SQL-Server:

BDE           SQL SERVER
./.           TinyInt
Smallint      Smallint        ok
Integer       Integer         ok
./.           Big Int
Date          Date            doesn't work
Time          Time            doesn't work
DateTime      TimeStamp       no Millisec

Best way of updating are SQL Statements for 'normal' fields (everything,
but BLOBs). You migth put up to 1000 Records in one SQL-Statement, depending
on the size of records (string limit or Server-limit) 
BLOB Fields better per TCursor.

2. The Right Management should be done by the Server, so define different

3. Create different schemes on the Server, depending on the roles.

4. Check your functions.
Use table constraints, trigger or Server-Functions 

5. If you really want to use Paradox as front-end, you should rewrite the
forms .. 

If you need help, let me know, I am interested. 


"pascal hutton" <> wrote:
>After more than 20 years using Paradox i need to move all my paradox datas
>to MySQL (or other database).
>I don't make so much coding anymore (more into management and admin stuff)
>The fun part : All the tables are on a win2012 datacenter VM, all the clients
>(70) are running P7 on WinXP VMs. All this package is running on a Windows
>2012R2 Hyper-V Cluster (4 nodes) and storage is attached via iscsi on 4
>We have some MySQL Virtual servers running for other stuff.
>The hard part :
>We have almost 1000 tables to convert to MySQL .... the biggest table got
>1 600 000 records.
>Forms : 1000
>Scripts : 350
>Library : 60
>Reports : 900
>Queries : 800
>Of course we have queries in some scripts, libraries, forms (wouldn't be
>The goal is to keep Paradox running as a front-end and then we'll re-write
>Anyone interested ?
>One of the programmer in my team is doing some testing to write a script
>to create the table and injecting the data from Paradox to MySQL.
>I've searched a bit to find documentation to make P7 connect to MySQL without
>If somebody has documentation or experience in that process i would be happy
>to know about it.
>You can reach me by mail if you want
>Thanks in advance
>pascal - :-)PH(-: for those who were there long time ago ;)

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