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Subject:Re: Migrating to MySQL
Date:Thu, 24 Dec 2020 12:32:40 +0100
From:=?UTF-8?B?Q8O0bWU=?= <>
Le 03/12/2020 à 18:10, pascal hutton a écrit :
> Hi,
> After more than 20 years using Paradox i need to move all my paradox datas
> to MySQL (or other database).

Hello Pascal

This link could interest you

For your project IMHO having to face such situations several times this 
is a lack of time and money to keep paradox and try to switch to MySql 
or any SQL engine. And you'll still be tied to BDE...

The reason is that you can't simply keep you datamodele and simply 
change table using a SQL Alias, ok like I show in the paper this will 
work for small tables not in heavy use in concurrency but the proper way 
to do this is to have locals paradox empty tables (in Priv for instance 
or similar) that follow the SQL tables, then put your forms, reports etc 
on theses local paradox tables and finally make the data move between 
local paradox tables and the SQL Engine via TCursor / SQL querys.

This is a huge work because Paradox does not offer an "in memory table 
frame" so you need to duplicate all your SQL table with same paradox 
tables !

OTOH moderns development tools offer in memory table frame (datagrid) so 
you don't have to duplicate all your tables (one in paradox format and 
one in SQL format). I have now switched to pcsoft's tools 
windev,webdev,windev mobile with really good results. Development is 
really fast compared to other tools. The report engine was also 
important in my case and the pcsoft's one is really very good.

If really you can't do the real switch then maybe an option could be to 
just move the big tables to SQL and keep all the others to paradox in a 
mixed mode as a first step ?

My 2 cents.

Côme, Clairinfo

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