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Subject:Re: SQL Tables and TCursor
Date:Wed, 12 May 2021 17:05:49 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
What version of Paradox? What version of the BDE? What SQL database? (MS 
SQL Server)? Which ODBC driver version are you using? Have you set up 
the DSN correctly and created the alias pointing to that database?

I don't recommend it but it's easy to do and your performance hit will 
be acceptable for simple operations.

Or are you using native BDE SQL links? That will cause you excruciating 
pain unless the database is an old, old version of Interbase prior to 
2000, or SQL Server 7.

The BDE hasn't had any fixes or updates or bug fixes for over 20 years. 
It's a mistake to think it will support modern SQL databases natively.

On 12/05/2021 4:11 am, Sean V Casey wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to use traditional TCursor methods with SQL tables?
> I tried opening a TCursor to a SQL Server table and can read and update the
> first record; however, I am unable to move to the next record using nextRecord().
> Other methods, such as nRecords(), also don't appear to function.
> Thank you,
> Sean

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