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Subject:MS SQL and DB files
Date:Wed, 23 Mar 2022 14:50:48 +0100
From:modridirkac <>
Hello everyone!

Now I need some help. (not directly linked to paradox)

I have some old app, written in Delphi, which uses DB tables.
This app works OK, no need to rewrite it.

Then I have some WEB pages, hosted on IIS ina MsSQL.
Those pages also work OK.

I need to read data from DB tables and use it on SQL.
Now I do it with Intersolv drivers. And it works.
BUT problem is, that those drivers work only on Win server 2013 (or older).
So I have an old virtual machine just for that purpose.

What I would like:
I would like to get rid of that old windows box and
have MsSQL on new windows and connect to DB tables.

Can this be done and what drivers do I need?
(links and/or short instructions would be very good)

Thx Jure

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