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Subject:Re: MS SQL and DB files
Date:Fri, 25 Mar 2022 11:31:38 +0100
From:modridirkac <>
Plan is to read (and ony read, one way) data from DB tables to SQL tables.
Once a day (at night) read all tables and every 10 minutes just one table.
Data in table are mostly numbers (integers). Keys. Some strings. No BLOBs.

delete from local_x;
select * from odbc_x into local_x;

or something like that.
And then all select statements would use that local_x table.

I have never done this before.
Any pointers to:
1. which driver to use?
2. How to do it in ODBC settings?
3. how to conect MsSQL to that ODBC driver.


On Fri, 25 Mar 2022 02:12:31 +0100, Tom Krieg  
<> wrote:

> These web pages that connect directly to SQL, do you want to connect  
> directly to .db tables from the web pages? How are you connecting the  
> web pages to SQL Server?

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