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Subject:Re: MS SQL and DB files
Date:Sat, 26 Mar 2022 12:02:24 +1100
From:Tom Krieg <>
That's not a problem. Install the MS SQL Server ODBC driver (make sure 
it's the 32bit version - Paradox won't understand the 64bit version) and 
create a DSN using the 32bit Windows ODBC Data Sources snap-in. Then go 
to BDE Admin and set up your ODBC Data Source alias. Now you can use 
that alias to transfer data from .db to SQL Server.

I highly recommend you use pass-through SQL to transfer data from 
Paradox to SQL. It's faster and more reliable than tcursors or table 
adds. In pass through SQL, you generate the SQL commands as strings in 
Paradox and pass those strings to the ODBC driver via the BDE. To 
transfer a table, I'd create a CSV file of the table, then pass a SQL 
command to the server to empty the relevant table, then pass a SQL 
command to the server to IMPORT the CSV file into the server table. MS 
Transact SQL has an IMPORT function. 2 SQL commands and the server does 
most of the work. Keep in mind that the file location of the CSV file 
has to be available to both Paradox and the SQL Server.

On 25/03/2022 9:31 pm, modridirkac wrote:
> Plan is to read (and ony read, one way) data from DB tables to SQL tables.
> Once a day (at night) read all tables and every 10 minutes just one table.
> Data in table are mostly numbers (integers). Keys. Some strings. No BLOBs.
> delete from local_x;
> select * from odbc_x into local_x;
> or something like that.
> And then all select statements would use that local_x table.
> I have never done this before.
> Any pointers to:
> 1. which driver to use?
> 2. How to do it in ODBC settings?
> 3. how to conect MsSQL to that ODBC driver.
> Thx.
> On Fri, 25 Mar 2022 02:12:31 +0100, Tom Krieg 
> <> wrote:
>> These web pages that connect directly to SQL, do you want to connect 
>> directly to .db tables from the web pages? How are you connecting the 
>> web pages to SQL Server?

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