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Subject:Re: MS SQL and DB files
Date:Mon, 28 Mar 2022 09:01:16 +0200
From:modridirkac <>
Well, yes, I have done this way in some other projects.
(data from DB to SQL, and PAradox doing all of the work,
then calling bulkinsert on SQL).

Here I would like SQL to do work.
(so SQL reading from DB, not paradox writing to SQL).
Because in that aplication I do not have paradox in that mix.
It's delphi app, just using DB files. And I would not like to
have third app to do some data transfer.
For last 10 years there was some old windows server, using intersolv  
and SQL could directly read data from DB files.
I would like to keep things the same, just on new windows.
(so SQL reading data, not paradox pushing data).

Is there q way on Win10 to do this?


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