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Subject:Calculated fields and GPE
Date:Thu, 5 Oct 2017 16:16:57 +0200
From:"Jostein Bakke" <>
I had Pdox 10 on two PS’s (and a laptop), but some time ago I installed WP 
X7 on one of the PC’s – with Pdox 11. Both the PC’s is on Windows 10, and 
one of the reasons I did this was that I wanted access to the help-file 
(impossible with the old help-file in W10).

However, there are (as always…) a few new problems. In Pdox 10 I was used to 
getting GPE-messages, but if I ignored them Pdox rarely crashed, and I didn’t 
notice any difference from before the message. Pdox 11 always shut down. 
Nothing to do about that, I guess.

But possibly someone knows an answer to this one:
In pdox 11 I can NEVER change the code in a calculated field. Never. Pdox 
always crashes if I try. I have found that I can
1) copy the code to Notepad
2) change the field (uncheck) so that it’s not a calculated field anymore
3) close the report
4) open it again
5) change the field back to being a calculated field
6) Copy the old code in, and edit it.

This is somewhat annoying. Is there a solution to this problem?

Jostein Bakke

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