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Subject:tc.add stops working
Date:Tue, 26 Dec 2017 11:06:28 +1000
From:"Phil Hassid" <philhassid@ozemailDOTcomDOTau>
Hi All,

Haven't been here for many years.

I use P8. Program containing about 750 lines of code that has worked 
flawlessly for many years (including last 8 or so on same XP Pro computer) 
contains a table add


Both tables are first opened with an error trap (and no error ever has been 
flagged), tc1 is emptied, then after the add both are closed and used later 
in the program. This (update) segment of the code is only triggered 
occasionally, where as the rest of the program is used many times a day, but 
this occasional use of this update segment is essential to lead to valid 
results from subsequent uses of the rest of the program.

About a year ago this tc.add suddenly stopped working. Because it was only 
used occasionally I discovered the telling fact that immediately after 
running the program (with the tc.add failing) the tc2 table was exactly as 
it should be and the tc1 table was still empty but in the correct structure 
(whereas it should be the same as the tc2 table both in structure and 
contents) and if I simply did a manual add of the tc2 table to the tc1 table 
I could then run the rest of the program and get correct outputs, so I have 
used that as a workaround.

There have been no program changes, no OS/System changes, no table structure 
changes, nothing. The sizes of the tables are small by your standards 
(<15,000 records, although 236 fields) and have increased in size only 
incrementally over the years. Both tables have DB, TV and FAM files only. 
The TV file of the tc1 table did alter about a year ago but I am 90% sure 
that that was after first discovering the problem, then going into table 
restructure to look around, then on exiting table structure accidentally 
accepting rather than rejecting the changed table view, so seriously doubt 
that this is related.

Can anyone think of some generic reason this might happen? TIA


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