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Subject:Re: tc.add stops working
Date:Fri, 29 Dec 2017 10:51:32 +1000
From:"Phil Hassid" <philhassid@ozemailDOTcomDOTau>
Hi Mike,

Thanks for all of that. I will look into all your suggestions as well and 
report back in the coming days.


"Michael Kennedy" <> wrote in message 
> Phil,
>> If it were possible, how would I even test for that and how would
>> I relocate it elsewhere?
> It's extremely unlikely that executable code is damaged (or unreadable), 
> and the app still runs without throwing I-O errors. You could run a 
> surface scan (CHKDSK, etc), but it might take a long time.
> Along the same lines, it's possible that the disk structures are damaged, 
> and then the reading of a chunk of the executable/library is actually 
> retrieving a chunk of something else, but that should also throw major 
> errors! CHKDSK, etc, should flag all structural errors (quickly).
> If you have a backup of the executable files, just run a file-compare (FC, 
> DIFF, etc), between a backup and the current ACTUAL executables. That'll 
> also show, or eliminate, possible corruption. If you have no backup of the 
> live executables, you could re-build them, but:
>   - Sometimes, time stamps, etc, are embedded in executables, so these 
> bytes might then show as "differences".
>   - You might now be using a new version of a compiler, or some other 
> updated libraries, and these would also result in different executables - 
> even with no changes to the app.
> Separately, could you try a Query (to Insert all the records), instead of 
> an ADD? Probably a little slower than ADD, but.....
>   - Mike 

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