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Subject:Re: Tableframe And Records Trick
Date:Tue, 3 Apr 2018 08:29:22 -0500
From:Mark Bannister <>
I do it all the time instead of multi-record objects (MRO).
I have some custom code that does not work on MRO's.  You can't make it 
have records across of course.
I also do this in reports as MRO's in reports are really problematic for 
I haven't seen calculated field issues like Steve, but I very seldom 
have 1-1 linked tables in the datamodel.  I use calc fields that call 
library methods that display 1-1 data.

On 3/30/2018 6:20 PM, Peter wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone has tried putting multiple fields in 1 column 
> of a tableframe.
> It seems to work just fine, anything that should scare me?
> Attachment is a screenshot of the tbf and the object tree. The 2 fields 
> embedded in the Subject column of the tbf are "Dept" and "Cat".
> Peter

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