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Subject:Re: Computer freezes
Date:Sun, 23 Sep 2018 18:18:36 +1000
From:Robert MacMillan <>
Hello Jan

this looks great but I have a couple of questions in relation to it. 
Leslie might also have some input.

 From what I can see it needs Autoit - so the same thing essentially as 
Autohotkey. But what I cant figure out quickly is how it works. And 
Leslie has provided quite a bit of information about how the issues of 
memory leakage for Paradox are related to BDE and some of the calls 
particularly those related to queries not closing properly. Leslie dont 
cane me if I have not quite got that right but I did spend quite a bit 
of time trying to solve this issue a few years ago.

Anyway Jan coming back to BDE how does it work? And will your version 
deal with the repeated queries not releasing the memory which is my 
biggest problem.



On 22/09/2018 7:05 AM, Jan Maryssael wrote:
> Before I can help you, please look at this for firefox (Memory Leaks):
> I have created the 'same' for :
> paradox 9 exe and the bde exe
> No more freezing :-)
> It works fine on win 10 x64.
> Let me know if that is what you are looking for.
> Regards,
> Jan
> Op 14-09-2018 om 17:01 schreef Mark Bannister:
>> We have 10-12 computers running paradox and they are all different.
>> They are all running some version of Win 7.  They all behave
>> differently.  All BDE settings are the same.
>> I have some lower end but new computers that perform pretty zippily
>> until they freeze with "Insufficient memory" errors.  Task manager
>> shows plenty of memory and processor.
>> I don't know enough about Windows to know what to tinker with.  I did
>> increase BDE memsize to 64 (vs 32) on a couple of them and that helps
>> some (maybe, unclear at this time).
>> Any thoughts on what could be causing problems?
>>    --
>> Mark Bannister

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