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Subject:Re: Computer freezes
Date:Mon, 24 Sep 2018 13:08:25 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Hi Robert,

Don't worry I only get grumpy every few months and I am on an upcycle 
right now ;-)

What you have written is correct.

Good question regarding unreleased memory. Of course the phrase "memory" 
also includes the application heap.


On 23/09/2018 6:18 PM, Robert MacMillan wrote:
> Hello Jan
> this looks great but I have a couple of questions in relation to it.
> Leslie might also have some input.
> From what I can see it needs Autoit - so the same thing essentially as
> Autohotkey. But what I cant figure out quickly is how it works. And
> Leslie has provided quite a bit of information about how the issues of
> memory leakage for Paradox are related to BDE and some of the calls
> particularly those related to queries not closing properly. Leslie dont
> cane me if I have not quite got that right but I did spend quite a bit
> of time trying to solve this issue a few years ago.
> Anyway Jan coming back to BDE how does it work? And will your version
> deal with the repeated queries not releasing the memory which is my
> biggest problem.
> Thanks
> Robert
> On 22/09/2018 7:05 AM, Jan Maryssael wrote:
>> Before I can help you, please look at this for firefox (Memory Leaks):
>> I have created the 'same' for :
>> paradox 9 exe and the bde exe
>> No more freezing :-)
>> It works fine on win 10 x64.
>> Let me know if that is what you are looking for.
>> Regards,
>> Jan
>> Op 14-09-2018 om 17:01 schreef Mark Bannister:
>>> We have 10-12 computers running paradox and they are all different.
>>> They are all running some version of Win 7.  They all behave
>>> differently.  All BDE settings are the same.
>>> I have some lower end but new computers that perform pretty zippily
>>> until they freeze with "Insufficient memory" errors.  Task manager
>>> shows plenty of memory and processor.
>>> I don't know enough about Windows to know what to tinker with.  I did
>>> increase BDE memsize to 64 (vs 32) on a couple of them and that helps
>>> some (maybe, unclear at this time).
>>> Any thoughts on what could be causing problems?
>>>    --
>>> Mark Bannister

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