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Subject:Re: Pdox suddenly wants quotes
Date:14 Nov 2018 01:23:48 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

fldJobs = tbfMainSched.recSched.ApptNote

is this setting a variable (fldJobs) to equal a field object (tbfMainSched.recSched.ApptNote)?


fldJobs = tbfMainSched.recSched.ApptNote.value

Did you change compiler settings:
Compiler Warnings
Compile with Debug


what does 


show you?

Peter <> wrote:
>I have a form that has been working just ducky for many years. Today I 
>had to make some simple changes which went fine. Upon pressing [F9] for

>syntax check, pdox started balking at any code reference to objects that

>did not have quotes.
>eg codeline: fldJobs = tbfMainSched.recSched.ApptNote
>Pdox highlighted ApptNote and the status bar msg was "Error: object 
>I put quotes around ApptNote, pressed [F9]
>Then Pdox highlighted recSched and put up same error msg
>I put quotes arounf recSched and then everything was right with the 
>world again.
>q1) aren't quotes optional, just for readability?
>q2) why has this been working for so many years and now suddenly Pdox is

>complaining (I have always had compile warnings/debug turned on, always)
>Thank you for any insight

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