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Subject:Re: table repair quirk
Date:Wed, 28 Nov 2018 12:38:02 -0800
From:Peter <>
I had this problem a while back, ~10'000 records and 256 fields -about 
40 are memo fields a few sec indexes. Did everything everybody suggested 
and no luck.

I spent a lot of time on this thing and it turned out there was an 
invisible problem in multiple records in one of the memo fields.

I made a copy of the table and deleted one memo field at a time. After 
screwing around I found that deleting a particular memo field solved the 
problem however the corruption was in several records so not being able 
to isolate which records had the problem I had to live with the bad 
table verify report. Everything works fine.


On 11/25/2018 06:29 AM, Steven Green wrote:
> huge table.. 80,000 records, 24 sec indexes, a couple of memo fields.. 
> no, I didn't create this monster
> repair says record 28728 is out of sort order.. rebuild, still there.. 
> delete it, now the record BEFORE it is now out of sort order, not the 
> record AFTER it
> stranger still, there's seemingly nothing wrong with the record that 
> stops anything.. I can add it back to the table w/o an error, I can edit 
> it and leave the record w/o an error, so none of the lookup values is 
> invalid
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