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Subject:.Net file
Date:13 Jan 2019 10:53:15 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

I have a single PC, paradox 10+.

The .NET file is located on:

I use:
\\[myComputerName]\data\Pdxnet in BDE and has no problems.

PC has multiple users. All users show:
\\[myComputerName]\data\Pdxnet in BDE.

[myComputerName] is the PC Name.

Multiple users can sign in and “switch users” and have no problems.

I set up a “special” user to run automated paradox scripts on same PC, I
logged in as that user, set all up as needed, DBE checked. Runs everything
as needed interactively. Process runs with no problems interactively, command
line, time, etc.

Log out.

I set up the Windows task scheduler to run process as special user. Command
line is fully pathed to PDX exe and the script, with all needed switches.

However, a new NET file is created every time this task scheduled user runs
a task and created on the root of C:.

I have tried MANY combinations, verified everything, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas on why? When running “blind” it seems to ignore
the DBE .NET location and drops to C:. If I log in as that user and run Paradox
or this task, etc, it does not create the new .NET file.

I may switch the URL reference to hard C: (would not matter for this set
up) but was wondering if anyone has seen this? The install is clean and been
in place for years.

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