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Date:Sat, 19 Jan 2019 11:44:55 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
yes, that all makes sense.. it sucks, but it all makes sense.. the config 
with c:\ was the default config from installation

reminds me of something related that I dealt with about two years ago.. 
toolbar files that ended up in the user folders.. could not find them in any 
"windows" search.. went to the command line, found them and deleted them 
that way

exact same issue, exact same solution.. windows sucks :-)


Steven Green
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

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"Kevin Zawicki"  wrote in message 

9 hours later….
After many combinations…
I believe the net file path can be a URL (a drive letter not needed), but
should be same for all users (of course). I changed to a hard drive letter
to be clean.

So why is the net file ending up on the root of c:\ for one of the 4 IDs?
I rechecked the BDE and EVERTHING related.

When I open the BDE admin my NET location and other setting (FOUR DIGIT 
looked correct.
I opened the IDAPI CFG in the BDE (the one listed in window header of the
BDE Admin) in notepad and noticed the settings did not match what I saw in
notepad. The BDE admin was displaying settings not in the actual CFG file
it was pointing to by default.

I knew my NET file location was working, I deleted NET file, opened PDOX
and saw it appear the location I wanted (for each user), except the one ID
I run the automation under.


I made some changes to the CFG in the BDE admin and saved / exited. The 
CFG file in the BDE admin folder modified date did not change. Searching
for all CFG files, I found only the one in the BDE admin folder as expected.

Then I remember Windows 7 file virtualization and the virtual file stores.
Sure, enough each user had a CFG file virtualized (not found by windows file
search unless I went into each users appdata folder). When I made change
in BDE Admin the changes were saved, but to that users virtual file location

Sigh. I should have guessed this.

I created a new CFG on my desktop, and set as needed.
I deleted CFG actual and all CFG virtual and copied the new CFG to the BDA
admin folder.
Paradox now uses the BDE admin folder CFG for all users. Even if it 
it would be a "current" copy.

Cleaned up all lock files.

Paradox opens and makes a new net file in proper location. All users same.
The scheduler automated user same.

In the automated user the CFG did indeed have c:\ listed as the net file
path and that file was years old. It must have virtualized it at the time.
So, in a odd way each user on the same PC had a unique (identical except
for one) CFG file.

I could move the CFG out of C: and use the O switch or (exploring) how to
not virtualize the BDE.

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