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Subject:Win 7 Pro / Win 10 - Which Pdox version?
Date:Fri, 25 Jan 2019 16:34:12 -0800
From:Peter <>
A customer is running entirely on Win XP Pro. I will be encouraging him 
to upgrade this Spring. I prefer Win 7, I am a "Never-10" kind of guy, 
but I will not influence what he wants to do so he may well elect to go 
to Win 10.

The question is which version of WPO is going to give us the least 
amount of grief?
Sys Requirements:
WPO 7 Pro: Win 8.1/7/XP
WPO 8 Pro: Win 10/8/7
WPO 9 Pro: Win 10/8/7

I know Pdox is the same as it was from V.11 but I am wondering if the 
newer versions will play nicer on Win 10 (or 7).

Another consideration is if he decides to go with WPO 8, will it still 
read the older version (WPO 9) tables and undelivered forms etc.? Thank you.

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