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Date:26 Jan 2019 17:40:39 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

>configure *everything* manually

I prefer to know where everything is, etc, I know the BDE well.

The error I made was not replacing it in the new ID.
Also, it seems ? if I delete them all, replace the original, and do not make
changes, it would not virtualize.

I will note your link for next time.

Leslie <"ViaThe List"> wrote:
>That would only occur if you are still using the BDE installer that came

>with Paradox.
>Now you are completely free to use that old one (from a pre UAC world) 
>but you must then configure *everything* manually for it to work. By 
>default you are correct that the old default location of the BDE and cfg

>file is the CommonFiles folder which is virtualized and also there are 
>other permissions you would manually have to set for it to work without

>any issues.
>Too Hard!!
>That is why we wrote a new BDE installer/wrapper which just works and 
>includes its own config file for you to control its behavior.
>Its been a while since I posted the link, but if you are interested you

>can get it from this page: 
>On 18/01/2019 3:37 PM, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
>> 9 hours later….
>> After many combinations…
>> I believe the net file path can be a URL (a drive letter not needed),
>> should be same for all users (of course). I changed to a hard drive letter
>> to be clean.
>> So why is the net file ending up on the root of c:\ for one of the 4 IDs?
>> I rechecked the BDE and EVERTHING related.
>> When I open the BDE admin my NET location and other setting (FOUR DIGIT
>> looked correct.
>> I opened the IDAPI CFG in the BDE (the one listed in window header of
>> BDE Admin) in notepad and noticed the settings did not match what I saw
>> notepad. The BDE admin was displaying settings not in the actual CFG file
>> it was pointing to by default.
>> I knew my NET file location was working, I deleted NET file, opened PDOX
>> and saw it appear the location I wanted (for each user), except the one
>> I run the automation under.
>> Hmm…
>> I made some changes to the CFG in the BDE admin and saved / exited. The
>> CFG file in the BDE admin folder modified date did not change. Searching
>> for all CFG files, I found only the one in the BDE admin folder as expected.
>> Then I remember Windows 7 file virtualization and the virtual file stores.
>> Sure, enough each user had a CFG file virtualized (not found by windows
>> search unless I went into each users appdata folder). When I made change
>> in BDE Admin the changes were saved, but to that users virtual file location
>> (appdata).
>> Sigh. I should have guessed this.
>> I created a new CFG on my desktop, and set as needed.
>> I deleted CFG actual and all CFG virtual and copied the new CFG to the
>> admin folder.
>> Paradox now uses the BDE admin folder CFG for all users. Even if it visualizes
>> it would be a "current" copy.
>> Cleaned up all lock files.
>> Paradox opens and makes a new net file in proper location. All users same.
>> The scheduler automated user same.
>> In the automated user the CFG did indeed have c:\ listed as the net file
>> path and that file was years old. It must have virtualized it at the time.
>> So, in a odd way each user on the same PC had a unique (identical except
>> for one) CFG file.
>> I could move the CFG out of C: and use the O switch or (exploring) how
>> not virtualize the BDE.
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