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Subject:Re: Win 7 Pro / Win 10 - Which Pdox version?
Date:Sun, 27 Jan 2019 18:05:07 +1100
From:Robert MacMillan <>
Peter I bit the bullet a while ago and run P9 sp3 with Windows 10.

In general it runs quite well with these issues so far.

1. The Paradox Help Files issue and if you reinstall Win 10 for any 
reason you will need to restore the Help Files Version from Dos. That 
includes letting Windows do a self check.
2. I have not checked it again recently but P9 will not allow you to 
interactively view tables using ODBC. Code works and V11 which I also 
own works. I just prefer P9 than the later file interface and so on.
3. There will be some cases where right clicking on a file and copying 
and so on will crash P9. Code works and using F10 --> Tools -> Utilities 
-> Copy works just fine. The work around for this is to run Paradox 
Under XP compatability mode but that creates some other issues.
4. I found an issue but cant remember what it was that means that I have 
to run Paradox as Administrator.

Overall and I have been running P9 sp3 under windows 10 for quite a 
while it has generally been good.

Hope this helps.


On 27/01/2019 7:44 AM, Peter wrote:
> I have both 9 and 10 but I have to use 9 because 10 does not print
> forms, 11 fixed that.
> What are the main pitfalls of running 9 in Win 10? Would WPO X7 Pro run
> with less problems than 9?
> On 01/26/2019 11:36 AM, Steven Green wrote:
>> same answer as Tom, unfortunately.. Win 10.. also, Win 10 will not run
>> Pdox 7 or 8.. unless you have a copy of Pdox 9 or 10 on hand, buying
>> the current suite, with 11, right from Corel is usually the only
>> choice now
>> --
>> Steven Green
>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>> Collectibles and Memorabilia
>> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>> - and Paradox support, too
>> "Tom Krieg"  wrote in message news:5c4bb8d6$
>> I wish you luck unless you know someone who has old dusty stock of Win7.
>> Win7 hasn't been available for purchase for over 2 years. Support for
>> Win7 will cease (no more security patches) in January 2020. You should
>> tell them to upgrade to Win10. But be sure you read Woody Leonhard's
>> advice (on about which version to install and how to avoid
>> Microsoft's update madness. If your customer has computers that are
>> connected to the Internet, and they have Win7 installed after MS support
>> stops, they're asking for major trouble.
>> Peter wrote on 26/01/2019 11:34 AM:
>>> A customer is running entirely on Win XP Pro. I will be encouraging
>>> him to upgrade this Spring. I prefer Win 7, I am a "Never-10" kind of
>>> guy, but I will not influence what he wants to do so he may well
>>> elect to go to Win 10.
>>> The question is which version of WPO is going to give us the least
>>> amount of grief?
>>> Sys Requirements:
>>> WPO 7 Pro: Win 8.1/7/XP
>>> WPO 8 Pro: Win 10/8/7
>>> WPO 9 Pro: Win 10/8/7
>>> I know Pdox is the same as it was from V.11 but I am wondering if the
>>> newer versions will play nicer on Win 10 (or 7).
>>> Another consideration is if he decides to go with WPO 8, will it
>>> still read the older version (WPO 9) tables and undelivered forms
>>> etc.? Thank you.

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