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Subject:Re: Paradox Distribution Expert
Date:Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:48:11 -0800
From:Peter <>
If you are trying to print forms then P9 works, P10 has a bug and will 
not print forms. P11 will print forms.


On 02/10/2019 11:35 PM, Bengt Ahling wrote:
> I have received complaints from customers that it is not possible to 
> print from p9 and I have seen the same problem. Already when choosing 
> printers, p9 stops without an error message. It doesn't happen every 
> time. If I try again after a stop then it can work again. Sometimes 
> several attempts are needed. When it starts to work it will work until 
> the program stops. If I do the same with p10, everything will always work.
> Bengt Ahling
> Sandödata
> Sweden
> Den 2019-02-10 kl. 22:55, skrev Steven Green:
>> what isn't working in p9? p10 and p11 really aren't any different
>> -- 
>> Steven Green
>> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>> Collectibles and Memorabilia
>> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>> - and Paradox support, too
>> "Bengt Ahling"  wrote in message 
>> news:5c5fd4fa$
>> Thanks
>> I have used version 9 for many years and are happy with it. But Pdox9
>> runtime are working well anymore so I need to switch to 10.

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