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Subject:Re: Heads up on SMB1 protocol
Date:Tue, 21 Jan 2020 15:05:34 -0600
From:Mark Bannister <>
Yes, I read a long thread on op-locks and Samba earlier.  At least in 
Samba you can still handle oplocks per share, by file extension or turn 
them off completely.

On 1/21/2020 1:56 PM, Steven Green wrote:
> agreed.. please share anything you notice, in that regard.. my oplocks 
> thread in this section seems to be related
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> Steven Green
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> "Mark Bannister"  wrote in message 
> news:5e270dd6$
> We upgraded our Samba server and had issues with paradox.  Turned out to
> be ACl problems but in discussing SMB1 with the Samba mail list they
> strongly suggested moving away from anything dependent on it like the
> BDE.  A.) There are know vulnerabilities (although mitigated by some
> updates and virus software).  B.) MS doesn't want to support it anymore.
> We've been warning for years that the BDE would someday be unworkable
> but that day may be getting closer.  While there are workarounds none of
> them are easy.
> Happy Tuesday everyone!
> -- 
> Mark B

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