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Subject:Re: New Windows 7 Setup Question
Date:Mon, 3 Feb 2020 15:38:23 +0100
From:Anders Jonsson <>

In my opinion you can run the P11 install to the default location.

There is no need for and special BDE installation. Just start your app 
with the o-switch pointing to your BDE-config file.

That said, if I where setting up a new installation todya I wouldn't 
chose Windows 7. P11 will run fine och Win10.


> Now I will be installing WPO X7. Should I put the entire WPO X7 into 
> C:\Programs... or just Pdx 11?
> Thanks for any tips.
> Peter
> ps after all this I will install Leslie's most excellent save-the-day 
> BDE installer

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