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Subject:Run query locally
Date:Thu, 13 Feb 2020 18:22:04 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
hi folks,

With P9 I can set:

    Tools | Settings | Preferences ...

for Queries the choice

    Run query locally

How can I set this option for the Paradox Runtime?

Is there an registry-entry?
Or an another way to do it (script ...)?

An user want to have a special configuration (forms, reports, scripts, ... 
on the "client" pc)
Tables on another pc within a network (I think Linux but don't know it 
Only on the client P9 is installed.

I've made a test with my network:
Installed the ap on one PC and the Tables on an another PC within my network 
and get the same error.

If I runt the app with P9 as usual, I get an error "Not initialized or 
accessing network files".

If I set P9 to
    Run query locally
it works ok.
But he has only the runtime installed. How can I set this feature for the 
runtime (if possible with a script)?

Thanks for a hint.


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