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Subject:Re: Run query locally
Date:Fri, 14 Feb 2020 09:58:52 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
additional information
(perhaps i don't understand something or it's a bug)

e.g. the remote drive with the tables has the letter Y:

each icon has for P9 and P9 runtime (P9R) its own priv-dir (with the same 

as i said:
with P9 open and set
it works
even P9R works too, as long P9 is open.
if I start P9R alone - it won't work

setDesktopPreference(prefQbeSection, prefSqlRunMode, 1)

sets the value for RunQueryLocally
but it has no effect for P9R, as long P9 is not running. i.e. it
seems, that P9R ignores the set preference value.

i've made a small script:

    fs    FileSystem



with P9 i get the info    True,    True
with P9R                     False,   True

what's wrong? is it a P9R bug?

it changes nothing, if i start the script from Win 7, Win 10, ... or take an
another pc with drive W: ...

any suggestions?

if someone has experiences with such / similar configuration, it would be 
nice to hear, that it works somewhere. in this case i will find out, where 
the problem ist. otherwise it's senseless to search for something, where is 
no solution.



"Ivan" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> hi folks,
> With P9 I can set:
>    Tools | Settings | Preferences ...
> for Queries the choice
>    Run query locally
> How can I set this option for the Paradox Runtime?
> Is there an registry-entry?
> Or an another way to do it (script ...)?
> An user want to have a special configuration (forms, reports, scripts, ...
> on the "client" pc)
> Tables on another pc within a network (I think Linux but don't know it
> exactly).
> Only on the client P9 is installed.
> I've made a test with my network:
> Installed the ap on one PC and the Tables on an another PC within my
> network and get the same error.
> If I runt the app with P9 as usual, I get an error "Not initialized or
> accessing network files".
> If I set P9 to
>    Run query locally
> it works ok.
> But he has only the runtime installed. How can I set this feature for the
> runtime (if possible with a script)?
> Thanks for a hint.
> Ivan

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