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Subject:Re: Run query locally
Date:Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:12:14 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
sorry, but your description does not make sense.. it doesn't matter what OS 
is controlling that other drive, your copy of paradox knows what the files 
are, and what files it needs

example.. my laptop and an external drive.. paradox is on my laptop, and 
when the external is plugged in it is drive E.. that is all paradox needs to 
know, to operate correctly


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"Ivan"  wrote in message news:5e4ed52e$

hi anders,

> I'm not 100% sure I understand what you are trying to do, but if you just 
> need to have paradox installed on one PC and the tables on another PC (or 
> server) - that is pretty much standard and should be no major problem. If 
> the tables on the server are being shared with other users, you just need 
> to make sure that everyone is using the same NET-file.

of course its not a problem, if you have on both windows and pdox installed.
the problem is, that on the pc with tables there's no windows and no p9r
installed. therefore each file is a file and if i want a table, linux (or
whatever) don't know, that myTable.db is a pdox table. and it don't know
anything about .NET file.
and he has not a network. he ist the only one user, but want to have only
the data on an another pc protected. the app itself should be on his pc.

i said him, that his wish is a nonsense. but he has somebody froum
university (or such thing), who said, that the new laws in EU to protect
data would be very good fulfilled with such a solution.
i've talked to other users (which have my installations and had controls by
authorities) and they said, that it's enough to use passwords to fulfill the
law (that not everybody can start the app) - and some tables with critical
data should be encrypted (and this is the case).

i told him that out of fear of unauthorized access to his data, he would
destroy it even with such a configuration.

he is now on vacation and will be back in early march ...

> The setting for queries running localy or remotley is only valid for 
> SQL-servers. As long as you hav Paradox tables it shouldn't be needed. 
> FWIW my setting seems to be "Query may be local or remote".

this works only if on both pc's p9r is installed. or i've done something

> One thing - I suggest you don't refer to the tables by drive-letter. You 
> could find yourself in a situation where you can't control the drive 
> letter and must change it. It could be a nightmare if you are using it all 
> over your application!

as long windows don't kill the drive letters, i think that i can handle it.
the unc adresses ( \\server\somewhere\dir ) works for nearly everything, but
there are some places where i can't use it. therefore i stay with drive

> It's much better to defin an alias. Then you only need to change in ONE

i have many (about 20-30) of aliases created on start within an
init-section - so i can save the data, pictures, backups, ... wherever i
want (within network too for all users).
this is not the problem.

and i tested the above problem and want to solve it with aliases. but it
works only with p9r installed on both pc's. this seems to be the problem (if
p9r is only on one pc) - then you can't use "Query may be local or remote",
because the remote pc dont't work as you expect.
If you have just "Run query locally" access, then the file if first copied
to the local pc (where p9r exists), and on the local pc it's recognized as
table ... but such a solution is a nightmare with huge tables ...

... just my opinion.



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