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Subject:Re: Run query locally
Date:Fri, 21 Feb 2020 10:46:27 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
hi tom,

i don't know much about linux and smb1 settings ... and never work with 
SAMBA (never had myself linux installed within my network - my brother has 
it on his pc in the 90-ties, but remove it soon).

and smb(1) is only one requirement for networking. (and it's not my dream, 
rather a kind of nightmare).

probably the following:
- of course network drives is nothing unusual. and as i see it, the answers 
are valid for the "usual" networking, because it's allways a sw installed on 
each network drive, which can handle the .db data-files as database-file. 
then there's no problem to use the "Query may be local or remote" setting 
for query.

and the smb don't explain, why the setting "Run query locally" work with P9 
but don't work with P9R.

just my opinion.


"Tom Krieg" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
>I have tested it, way back in 2001 because I had a Linux server (running 
>SAMBA) on which were located all the Paradox tables and  the NET file. 
>Nothing else. This SAMBA share was shared as a W drive, and all the users 
>(20) shared this drive for databases. As Steven said, it's just another 
>network drive. That is, if you have SAMBA installed.If not, you're dreaming 
>the impossible dream. You need Server Message Block for networking.
> On 21/02/2020 7:07 am, Ivan wrote:
>> have you tested it e.g. with linux pc without any database sw on it? and 
>> then you send the question to the remote pc, if isTable( ..myTable.db.. ) 
>> is a table? i think, the answer will be NO. but fs.findFirst(..myTable.db 
>> ..) will be YES, because for the remote pc it's just a file. therefore 
>> you can't e.g. get as query-answer only a piece of data, which you need 
>> from the remote pc, which is a "plain" pc with a lot of data-files.

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