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Subject:Re: Start Paradox
Date:13 May 2020 11:49:55 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>


I have many similar setups. Yours covers some interesting registry settings.
I have an automated nightly cleanup that does similar deletes, net and lock
files. I find deleting the NET file and old lock files daily has helped in
some locations.

Set Priv=%USERPROFILE%\pdox\Priv
This is good, I decided long ago to control PRIV for my apps.
In some cases (users warned) I delete *.* in PRIV nighly, in a closed app
situation I feel nothing should be left in PRIV. I also create the PRIV folder
if it does not exist, avoids startup issues.

:: 1.3 delete Paradox LockFile
I have mine delete PARADOX.LCK and PDOXUSRS.LCK specifically. A while back
I found some other apps (not BDE) that used lck files, so to be safe I call
them out. I use /Q /F /S switches to delete throughout subfolders on work
drives or if there is a root PRIV with multiple PRIVs under it for multiple
apps, for cleanup. Does not delete if in use so will not crash anyone, so

"Thies Grimm" <> wrote:
>my way to start Paradox is using a batch file:
>1. setting some variables like work, priv, ...
>2. setting some Registry Keys 
>3. deleting old lock-files
>4. start paradox with start-script
>if you want to test it, just set the varialbes the way you want it ... 
>may be, it might be interesting for somebody, may be somebody has some suggetions
>batch File: startPdox.cmd
>:: clean start of Paradox
>:: 1.      Batch starting Paradox
>:: 1.1     Variables
>:: 1.2     Registry
>:: 1.2.1   Designer
>:: 1.2.2   Editor Window
>:: 1.2.3   Properties
>:: 1.2.4   BDE LanguageDriver 
>:: 1.3     delete Paradox LockFiles
>:: 1.3.1   lck Files
>:: 1.3.2   NetDir
>:: 1.4     start Paradox
>:: 2.      Start-Script 
>:: 1. Batchdatei starting Paradox
>:: 1.1 Variables
>Set Work=%USERPROFILE%\pdox\work
>Set Priv=%USERPROFILE%\pdox\Priv
>Set IdapiCfg=%APPDATA%\Pdox\Idapi32.cfg
>SET NetDir=%Public%
>SET startScript=C:\Data\startPdoxDEV.ssl
>SET pdox="C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradox\Programs\pdxwin32.exe"
>:: 1.2 Registry
>:: 1.2.1 Designer
>reg add HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Designer /v GridSettings
>/d "cm 1 20" /f
>reg add HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Designer /v RulerExtd /d
>on /f
>:: 1.2.2 Editor Window
>reg add "HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Editor Window" /v "Font
>name" /d Consolas /f
>reg add "HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Editor Window" /v "Font
>size" /d 13 /f
>:: 1.2.3 Properties
>reg add HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Properties /v DeveloperMenu
>/d True /f
>reg add HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Properties /v Level /d
>reg add HKCU\Software\Corel\Paradox\11.0\PDOXWIN\Properties /v ShowStartupExpert
>/d False /f
>:: 1.2.4 BDE LanguageDriver 
>reg add HKCU\Software\WOW6432Node\Borland\Database Engine\Settings\Drivers\Paradox\Init
>/v LangDriver ANSII850 /f
>:: 1.3 delete Paradox LockFiles
>:: 1.3.1 lck Files
>del %work%\*.lck
>del %priv%\*.lck /s
>:: 1.3.2 NetDir
>del %NetDir%\PDOXUSRS.NET
>:: 1.4 start Paradox
>€Echo On
>%pdox% -w %work% -p %Priv% -o %IdapiCfg% -c -q %startScript%
>:: Paradox Commandline Options
>:: -b Prevents multiple instances of Paradox from being loaded.
>:: -c Starts Paradox with a clear desktop.
>:: -d Filename Specifies an alternate PDOXWORK.INI
>:: -e  Prevents writes to the system registry.
>:: -f Forces writes to the system registry.
>:: -i Filename Specifies an alternate PDOXWIN.INI file
>:: -m Loads Paradox as a minimized application.
>:: -n Prevents saving work and private directories on exit.
>:: -o Filename Alternate BDE configuration file.
>:: -p Directory Start with a different private directory
>:: -q Suppresses the Paradox splash screen while it is loading.
>:: -s Prevents resizing of the Paradox window.
>:: -t Allows resizing of the Paradox window.
>:: -w Directory Starts Paradox with the specified working directory.
>:: -y Forces saving work and private directories on exit.
>:: StartFile 
>:: folder definitions for use with the Project Viewer
>:: By default, Paradox does not use an .INI file to store settings, but
>can create a file named PDOXWORK.INI in your working directory, and Paradox
>will read settings from it automatically.
>:: desktop settings. By default, Paradox does not use an .INI file to store
>settings, but you can create a file named PDOXWIN.INI and Paradox will read
>settings from it automatically.

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