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Subject:Re: Start Paradox
Date:Wed, 20 May 2020 18:02:45 +0200
From:modridirkac <>
Some time ago I also posted .net application, which does some of those  
And is controled by XML file.
In XML you can specify one or more configurations.
Then just call my app with configuration name you want to use.

So all settings for all users can be in one XML file.

Some of things, you can define in XML
* :PRIV: and :WORK:  (-p and -w)
* -o parameter
* startup script / form
* one or more locations for pdxrwn32.exe or pdxwin32.exe
* default printer (app changes default windows printer before staring  
* set background image for paradox
* delete LCK in PRIV
* loop through many PRIV folders to find one not busy


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