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Subject:Re: Multiple Forms, Multiple Users
Date:Wed, 26 Aug 2020 13:14:12 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
Emulate a client/server model using TCursors and libraries. Extract the 
data you want to private tables and use those in your forms. Whenever 
you need to update a "real" table use a tcursor.

It's a lot of work to begin with but once it's set up it's RAD.

But if you're going to do that, you may as well go all the way.

On 26/08/2020 10:30 am, Peter wrote:
> So far I have only developed apps that let users use one form (module) 
> at a time. I usually have a central form that lists all the modules for 
> the things they can do. They select one, do their thing and then close 
> it in order to go back to the central form and choose another module.
> When I start dreaming of setting things up so that a user can have more 
> than 1 form open at a time the logistics of tbl/record locking is mind 
> boggling.
> For instance, they could have one form open which has one or more locks 
> on some tables in the datamodel of the form. If they opened another form 
> that had even one of the tables in the datamodel of the first form then 
> there would conflicts with record locking.
> How does one get around this? Thank you.
> Peter

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