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Subject:Re: Automatically resize forms and all their controls based on display resolution
Date:Sat, 5 Dec 2020 09:25:35 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
> As I'm using VS2019 latest update and targeting Windows 10, framework 4.8 
> and latest core, this is all done automatically, so I don't need to worry 
> about it.

i've all VS since VS2008 (older vista notebook) - on different pcs (even 
w10) within a network and know about the automatical resize. the latest 
update is allways made nearly automatically.

ok, your choice. done.

i can use the resize-method to simulate any resizing on any monitor (or 
calculate it from the given size-values automatically). but i think, this is 
nothing, what many people needs to have - i do.

btw.: vista is usefull, because i start the old pdox help-files from it too, 
or create chm-help-files on it (this can't be done well on w10).


snow is in the air - i like it. ok you have your 40+°C down under :-) 

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