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Subject:Re: Idapi32.cfg
Date:Wed, 7 Apr 2021 09:19:50 -0400
From:"Steven Green" <>
same thing Jure said.. you can have multiple files, but they MUST point to 
the net file and shared data EXACTLY the same way.. unless there's a 
particular reason for multiple files, one file avoids the potential for a 
conflicting change on a separate file, and it's easier to maintain one file 
than multiple files


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"modridirkac"  wrote in message

Location of cfg file is not important.
What is written in file is what counts.

I have cfg files on local computers.
In c:\app\ folder.

But all configurations must point to SAME folder for net file.
You must have SAME value in "NET DIR" field.

If you use mapped drives, they must be mapped on same letter on all
You can not have net dir as "w:\app\net\" on one and "x:\app\net" on other.
Also can not mix "x:\app\net" and "\\server\samba\app\net"


On Wed, 07 Apr 2021 09:25:15 +0200, Tom Krieg
<> wrote:

> Do all users using a shared Paradox table database have to use the same 
> idapi32.cfg file and directory? For example, if I have 2 users, UserA  and 
> UserB, do both users have to have the same (shared) NET directory  and NET 
> file defined in their respective BDE Admin? Or can the  idapi32.cfg file 
> sit on the hard drive of each user and just point to a  shared Alias?
> It's been so long since I set up a multi-user Paradox database system 
> I've forgotten.

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