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Subject:Re: popupmenu - info
Date:Tue, 13 Jul 2021 09:56:08 -0400
From:"Steven Green" <>
there's the clue.. thanks, Kevin.. and it makes sense, sorta.. I should have 
found that buglist piece myself

and yeah, I even tested the "click outside the menu" thing, cuz I thought 
that was what it was gonna be.. problem is, I've tested after the Show() 
with choice = "" and choice.isblank(), with a msginfo() before the proc.. 
for me, both ways exit gracefully and correctly before the msginfo, every 
time, therefore before the proc

in my context, evidently harmless, cuz it goes with Esc

I guess we've all have seen it before..


Steven Green
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Collectibles and Memorabilia
Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
- and Paradox support, too
"Kevin Zawicki"  wrote in message 

Bertils list...

show() method of a popupmenu not bound to menu type can return a value 
The circumstances when this happens is unknown, but your code should handle
this return value in the same way as when the user presses Esc key and a
blank value, a zero length string, is returned.

In P7 and P8, NoName was returned if the user pressed Enter when the mouse
pointer was outside the list of available items.

Combination of addStaticText() and addSeparator() seems to be involved.

NoName being returned has also been reported for P10 and P11 SP1.

So it is "built-in", sort of.

Maybe trap for it or maybe do not use a pop menu?

"Steven Green" <> wrote:
>I just tested choice.blank() and choice = "", both ways work, of course..

>I've never gotten the "NoName" myself, evidently, cuz there's nothing in

>that huge log table like that, for me.. and nobody is complaining, so they

>must be hitting Esc when that happens, or eventually somebody would have

>said something
>maybe I'll change all the menus to choice = "" and see if it goes away..

>Steven Green
>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>Collectibles and Memorabilia
>Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>- and Paradox support, too
>"Mark Bannister"  wrote in message
>On 7/8/2021 10:41 AM, Steven Green wrote:
>> I'm gonna feel like an idiot for not knowing the answer, I expect, but..

>> in the attached menu code, my log table should end up with a field value

>> of "Reports " + the first 22 char of the option selected.. this fires
>> all thru the app, thousands of times a day
>> occasionally, the field in the log table has "Reports NoName" in it..
>> just this particular menu, this happens in many different menus.. how?
>> Esc cancels out before the logging proc.. Substr correctly trims the menu

>> selection.. there's no other way to get to the logging proc.. where does

>> "NoName" come from?
>I've seen NoName before.   Who knows where.
>Try if choice = "" then instead of isblank().
>Mark B

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