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Subject:Re: BDE setup
Date:30 Sep 2021 05:56:20 -0400
From:"Linda" <>

Thanks for quick answer,
That means the only way do set the bde parameters is creating a cfg file
with the bde administrator program?


Mark Bannister <> wrote:
>On 9/29/2021 5:06 AM, Linda Bye wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I can see some folks recommend setting up most of the BDEadmin 
>> parameters by startup.
>> How is this done?. In a script? and where can I find the methods/proc

>> for that?
>> Linda
>You specify a particular configuration file to use with the -o option on

>the start command of the shortcut:
>-o "C:\Users\Public\pdoxdirs\manager_invoice\BDE\idapi.cfg"
>A full start command might look like this (broken down into lines for 
>"C:\Users\Public\pdoxdirs\Corel\WordPerfect Office 
>2002\programs\pdxwin32.exe"  ;;<< path to program
>-c  ;;<< clear desktop
>-p "C:\Users\Public\pdoxdirs\manager_invoice\pdxpriv"  ;;<<path to 
>private directory
>-o "C:\Users\Public\pdoxdirs\manager_invoice\BDE\idapi.cfg"   ;;<<  BDE

>file to use
>-w "\\APPSERVER1\data\manager_BETA"   ;// working directory
>managerstartupP10.fdl ;// form or script to launch on startup
>Caveat about setting the BDE config file is that all running BDE 
>applications must use the same BDE file.
>I've also never seen any real performance changes by fiddling with the 
>BDE settings in WIN 10 or higher. I use it to set the network directory,

>Mark Bannister

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