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Subject:Re: BDE setup
Date:2 Oct 2021 00:41:53 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

I think 
THE BDE API allows settings to be altered at runtime
is true, but once Paradox starts I am not sure change to BDE settings are
reflected in the active Paradox session.

The was discussion early on (maybe Paradox windows 1.0) on this among groups.

The thinking was Paradox reads BDE settings at start up and that is it...?

Leslie <"ViaThe List"> wrote:
>This is incorrect. THE BDE API allows settings to be altered at runtime.
>We actually change all of our settings at runtime now including checking

>if Local Share is on or off for example.
>The issue is whether or not Paradox For Windows passes this 
>functionality through.
>But if you search the groups you will find some old posts from Rodney 
>Wise showing a proof of concept with BDE sessions
>On 30/09/2021 10:54 PM, Mark Bannister wrote:
>> Yes, as far as I know.  I don't think the settings can change after the
>> BDE starts.  You can add aliases and connections of course.
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