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Subject:Re: formatted memo fields
Date:Thu, 4 Nov 2021 09:46:44 -0400
From:Steve Green <>
Peter - yes, end of table is supposed to be better.. but also, it's 
great to know a bunch of F1 are working, cuz I'm at the other end

Kevin - yes, the "make it fit in the table part" works great for M, but 
surely not for F

as for source, we have found that creating/modifying in the NOTES thing 
in Outlook seems to be more stable than creating/modifying in Word or 
Wordpad, but we have a ton of older ones that didn't get made that way, 
so when you paste it into Notes, you have to look it over and dress it 
back up

I have seen that if it came from Word, and has "bullet point" or similar 
stuff, and I use the built-in WriteToRFP / ReadFrom RFP to validate it, 
I lose the bullet stuff.. if it came from Outlook Notes, it doesn't 
strip that stuff

I'm pretty confident that the "memo header" issues in Tutility are the 
ones that came from Word, too, but can't prove it

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