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Subject:Re: formatted memo fields
Date:Thu, 4 Nov 2021 09:40:21 -0700
From:Peter <>
I forgot to add what my comments are based on.

FWIW - Pdx9 (9.00.883), WinXP Pro/32

On 11/04/2021 06:46 a.m., Steve Green wrote:
> Peter - yes, end of table is supposed to be better.. but also, it's 
> great to know a bunch of F1 are working, cuz I'm at the other end
> Kevin - yes, the "make it fit in the table part" works great for M, but 
> surely not for F
> as for source, we have found that creating/modifying in the NOTES thing 
> in Outlook seems to be more stable than creating/modifying in Word or 
> Wordpad, but we have a ton of older ones that didn't get made that way, 
> so when you paste it into Notes, you have to look it over and dress it 
> back up
> I have seen that if it came from Word, and has "bullet point" or similar 
> stuff, and I use the built-in WriteToRFP / ReadFrom RFP to validate it, 
> I lose the bullet stuff.. if it came from Outlook Notes, it doesn't 
> strip that stuff
> I'm pretty confident that the "memo header" issues in Tutility are the 
> ones that came from Word, too, but can't prove it

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