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Subject:Re: Import .CSV
Date:Mon, 14 Feb 2022 17:11:26 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Open in Word and do a search and replace. In the dialog that appears you 
click the special button and you can choose "manual line break" if that 
is what it is.


On 13/02/2022 9:15 PM, Fabio Spaggiari wrote:
> Hi all .
> I need to import a .CSV file from a web application that export data in this
> format.
> When I try to read it , in several way ,both objectpal or interactive paradox
> fail when encounter the first record separator
> This is an unprintable caracter made by pressing Shift + Enter
> I can see it opening the file by word or officewriter
> and the symbol showed is like a downleftarrow , but
> I can't end import ..
> Any tips ?
> Regards , Fabio

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