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Subject:Re: This file does not have any symbol table information
Date:10 Mar 2022 21:47:14 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

I think you are running into the uses declare the library and not each method
compile issue. I (and others have written quite a bit about this).

You are better off putting all methods needed in the uses block. It is more
stable and avoids the circular reference.
Also try to have unique method names throughout all forms and libraries.

Some posts...

"Jeremy Stagg" <> wrote:
>Having an issue withthe simple delivery of a library (lsl -> ldl) and the
>resulting compiler warning of:
>"this file does not have any symbol table information".
>This happens when referring to a delivered library from the main form, and
>the library is referred to in the "Uses" list
>of libraries.
>Source library files (lsl) work fine.
>Any tips as there about 1 paragraph I can find that relates to symboltable
>in ObjectPAL, otherwise down a Delphi rabbit hole.

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