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Subject:Re: This file does not have any symbol table information
Date:15 Mar 2022 17:56:05 -0400
From:"Jeremy Stagg" <>

Hi Kevin

Clarification requested: "putting all methods needed in the uses block"

You are referring to the Uses block within the library and listing its methods
accordingly in the uses block?



"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>I think you are running into the uses declare the library and not each method
>compile issue. I (and others have written quite a bit about this).
>You are better off putting all methods needed in the uses block. It is more
>stable and avoids the circular reference.
>Also try to have unique method names throughout all forms and libraries.
>Some posts...
>"Jeremy Stagg" <> wrote:
>>Having an issue withthe simple delivery of a library (lsl -> ldl) and the
>>resulting compiler warning of:
>>"this file does not have any symbol table information".
>>This happens when referring to a delivered library from the main form,
>>the library is referred to in the "Uses" list
>>of libraries.
>>Source library files (lsl) work fine.
>>Any tips as there about 1 paragraph I can find that relates to symboltable
>>in ObjectPAL, otherwise down a Delphi rabbit hole.

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