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Subject:Re: Mapped Drives Pdox9
Date:Sun, 10 Sep 2017 17:03:28 +1000
From:"Leslie" <ViaThe>
"John Wright" <> wrote in message

> Paradox for some reason installed
> as elevated. But I have overcome this by using the hack in the registry.

Which sort of brings us full circle.

My point being that as an IT person surely you are curious as to why the 
situation has arisen in the first place. The Registry hack may not continue 
to work in the future which makes you vulnerable. We have a precedent:  the 
opportunistic locking registry hack no longer works.

So, within this thread you now have enough information to try and figure out 
why Paradox is running elevated and therefore take true corrective action to 
prevent it running elevated instead of relying on a registry hack.

I also wonder what would happen if another BDE application runs on the 
machine at the same time but cannot run elevated. I have previously seen a 
similar conflict where Paradox was running in compatibility mode which 
forced the BDE into compatibility mode as well. Then when another BDE 
application ran, it failed because it did not like compatibility mode. 
Crystal Reports struggled with the compatibility mode with the BDE for 

So, IMO you really need to understand what has occurred rather than relying 
upon magic to keep things going for you.
Take control !!

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