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Subject:Printing in Pdox Version 9
Date:Thu, 12 Oct 2017 16:10:45 +0100
From:John Wright <>
Because of Paradox 8 no longer running in Win10 I have had to move to 
using PDox9 all of the time. I have obviously had it and used it 
previously but always prefered some of the ways in which PDox8 
'operated'. One of the things that has come to light is that when I go 
to print, PDox9 seems to want to Default to "Create horizontal overflow 
pages as needed". When I was using Pdox8 it invariably Defaulted to 
"Clip to page width". It also seems that when initially changing to the 
latter in the print output dialog box it still defaults back to the 
Horizontal etc. However, changing it again to Clip to page etc. then 
outputs as that. Any ideas why this should be?

I have also noticed that itially outputing to an installed PDF Printer 
often now creates a poor output as though the resolution of the printer 
needs increasing but a second output seems to correct it without 
changing anything from the default setting! Any further comments 

In all the instances so far the actual Report Output seems quite normal!

John Wright

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