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Subject:Re: sql translation
Date:Sun, 26 Nov 2017 12:12:25 +1100
From:Tom Krieg <>
I got introduced to Query By Example in the early 80's at an IBM/370 
shop and they were running DB2. I started Paradox late and was used to 
ISAM and IMS/DB with COBOL. I converted my first application to Paradox 
(from Microfocus COBOL running on a bunch of Unisys B26s) after they 
were discontinued. I started with Paradox 7/32 and just converted all 
the ISAM files and indexes to Paradox and used TCursors to do what I did 
in COBOL. Then I heard about switchindex and setrange and it changed my 
app from "sure and steady" to "brilliant and blazingly fast". I did 
dabble with Paradox QBE later but it just slowed everything down so 
much, I gave up.

Bernie van't Hof wrote:
> Devised by IBM in the mid 70's !
> On 26/11/17 12:28 am, Steven Green wrote:
>> Tom.. wow.. at this point, nothing major is gained by learning QBE,
>> but it's one of the greatest things about paradox, from day one.. DOS
>> day one..

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