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Subject:Label printing problem on a fast computer
Date:Sat, 23 Dec 2017 15:54:17 +0000
From:John Wright <>
Running Paradox 9 on a Dell computer with a solid state hard drive.
I have a label printing report that is quite complex collecting data 
from a single table - the labels have a delivery address and a return 
address on them, the fields are predominately calculated fields. On this 
faster machine the report itself runs fine and delivers to screen a 
correctly laid out set of lables BUT now when I go to print the labels 
Paradox falls over completely and has to be closed. The report has been 
running for years on 'slower' machines with conventional hard drives and 
indeed the report still does run and print without a problem in Pdox 9 
on those machines. It just seems that when I go to print on the new 
machine it just 'overtakes' the process and cannot cope with it. All 
other reports are fine on the same machine. The report, as you will 
determine, is set to view before printing.

Any thoughts as to how to deal with this issue please?

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