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Subject:Re: Merging in Corel Wordperfect X4 - PDOXUSRS.NET
Date:Wed, 21 Mar 2018 14:20:00 +0000
From:John Wright <>
Thanks Steven and Kevin. I think you are right about it being a WPerfect 
problem Steven. There are no issues with Paradox, so I expect there has 
something gone on with one of the more recent updates by Windows 10 as I 
have one machine still running (some older software that I use on 
occasions) on windows 7 and WP works as normal in that.


On 21/03/2018 11:41, Steven Green wrote:
> two important points..
> first, the default c: location of the net file has been 
> bad/wrong/problematic since corel started doing that, 20 years ago.. on 
> a real network, it will be somewhere out on the server, on a local 
> install it should be changed to someplace specifically designated, so it 
> will always work
> second point, unfortunately, is that help for WP here, for any problem, 
> is almost non-existent.. we all use paradox, hardly anyone uses WP
> that said, my only guess/suggestion is that the latest WP installations 
> aren't looking at the registry correctly.. nothing has changed, as far 
> as how paradox works/installs.. if you set the net file location in the 
> BDE, and paradox is running fine, it's totally a WP issue
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> "John Wright"  wrote in message news:5aafd89b$
> Since some of the more recent updates to Windows 10 (64bit Machine) and
> using Paradox 9, I find that when Merging in Corel Wordperfect (version
> X4) using a Paradox *.DB file as the source I get an error as...
> "Network Initialisation failed
> File: C\PDOXUSRS.NET". In other words the Merge fails and refuses to run.
> Now, I do realise, this is undoubtedly because PDOXUSRS.NET no longer
> resides in the C:\ Drive. I have looked up on the net to see if I can
> resolve this problem but the only suggestions I can find are related to
> dates pre these recent Windows 10 Updates and they don't work for me. So
> it seems that the issue has occured before on some machines but up until
> the earlier parts of the year the merges were still working ok for me.
> Can anyone give me some guidance on how to overcome this please?
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