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Subject:Re: Terminal Services
Date:Wed, 13 Jun 2018 10:39:32 -0400
From:"Kevin Baker" <>

I've had version 11 running on a 2008 R2 (no Active Directory installed) 
machine since 2013 and we are currently (for testing) have it running on a 
Server 2016 (with Active Directory installed).

I use mandatory profiles (which keeps .lck files deleted)
I also use %HomePath% as the private Directory

I don't allow the users to see a desktop, when they login, they go right 
into the Paradox application, when the close Paradox, they are logged off. 
This requires a registry entry and will provide if needed.

I spend most of my time making sure the user doesn't do something to break 
the server or getting into areas they don't belong.  Preventing them from 
seeing a desktop has fixed most of this.


"Larry DiGiovanni"  wrote in message 

Looking to get Paradox 10 running on Terminal Services.  Pointers?

Specifically looking to see if there are versions of Windows Server/TS that
do/do not support Paradox.

Any known good setup roadmaps would also be greatly appreciated.

Larry DiGiovanni 

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