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Subject:No more printer name too long issues!
Date:Fri, 15 Jun 2018 06:26:41 -0400
From:"Kevin Baker" <>
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my new way of producing reports in Paradox (I use 
Paradox 11).

I found this software called Doro PDF Printer 
( which is pretty awesome.  It uses an 
ini file to control most of the output (file name and location were most 
important to me).
As you know the sendkey function is broken in paradox, so I created my own 
using AutoHotKeys (SendK.exe).  This is used to change the printer to the 
Doro Printer.  Keep in mind, this isn't changing the default printer in 
windows, just the printer I'm printing to in Paradox.

On my print button, I run the SendK to change the current printer, then 
create the ini file to set the file name and location (and a few other 
items) for Doro, then I print the report (and the pdf is created), there's 
an option in the ini file to automatically open the pdf file after it's 
created, but I just check for the file then open a custom PDF viewer.  Since 
I open the PDF Viewer I can wait until the user closes it to do other 
things.  For example, on the PDF View form, I have a button that reads, Send 
Email, which simply writes a file called email.txt and closes the viewer. 
Once it's closed in paradox I check for email.txt and if found, then I run 
code to allow them to email the pdf file.  I have a few other buttons on the 
viewer as well, but if the user just closes the viewer,then I delete the pdf 

I've been running this for about a month on my RDS Server (375 users) and 
it's been smooth.  The user's printer name being too long is no longer a 
problem.  There is a slight delay from the time the user clicks Print to the 
pdf being displayed, but in my opinion well worth it.

I'll share anything I've done with anyone who may find this useful.

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