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Subject:Re: No more printer name too long issues!
Date:Fri, 15 Jun 2018 08:23:30 -0500
From:Mark Bannister <>
I've been using a virtual network printer (CUPS printer server on 
network) lately that has helped with this is well.  Also 2-3 times 
faster than the local PDF printer we were using.
It dumps the file into the user's home directory on the network.
I did have to make the printer name quite short and luckily the server 
name was fairly short because the you have to use a path to the printer: 
I imagine there is a way to change the path name in CUPS, but I didn't 
need to.

On 6/15/2018 5:26 AM, Kevin Baker wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I just wanted to share my new way of producing reports in Paradox (I use 
> Paradox 11).
> I found this software called Doro PDF Printer 
> ( which is pretty awesome.  It uses 
> an ini file to control most of the output (file name and location were 
> most important to me).
> As you know the sendkey function is broken in paradox, so I created my 
> own using AutoHotKeys (SendK.exe).  This is used to change the printer 
> to the Doro Printer.  Keep in mind, this isn't changing the default 
> printer in windows, just the printer I'm printing to in Paradox.
> On my print button, I run the SendK to change the current printer, then 
> create the ini file to set the file name and location (and a few other 
> items) for Doro, then I print the report (and the pdf is created), 
> there's an option in the ini file to automatically open the pdf file 
> after it's created, but I just check for the file then open a custom PDF 
> viewer.  Since I open the PDF Viewer I can wait until the user closes it 
> to do other things.  For example, on the PDF View form, I have a button 
> that reads, Send Email, which simply writes a file called email.txt and 
> closes the viewer. Once it's closed in paradox I check for email.txt and 
> if found, then I run code to allow them to email the pdf file.  I have a 
> few other buttons on the viewer as well, but if the user just closes the 
> viewer,then I delete the pdf file.
> I've been running this for about a month on my RDS Server (375 users) 
> and it's been smooth.  The user's printer name being too long is no 
> longer a problem.  There is a slight delay from the time the user clicks 
> Print to the pdf being displayed, but in my opinion well worth it.
> I'll share anything I've done with anyone who may find this useful.

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