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Subject:Re: Paradox 9 - 9.00.738 on Windows 10 Pro - more
Date:3 Apr 2019 14:19:07 -0400
From:"Grant" <>

May be a bit late as I stumbled here hoping for a solution to another issue.

I found the same issue after I believe 1809 update (or a subsequent one).

I ended up adding the ReportInfo variable to my form's print button routines,
as well as using repCopies=1. This solved those. I don't print interactive
so no help there.


"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>I see what you are saying…
>Testing some direct print code from a script, see if the printer dialog
>is the focal point.
>I have done this and more variations in other apps.
>#3 - all reports on this system in GUI open to screen
>tried various combinations.
>#4 – checking in that and what each machine has for each printer.
>But remember, suddenly on all machines that got the latest (or a latest)
>win10 update the problem occurs where it worked before.
>When rolling back the latest update on one machine, it then worked. Cannot
>roll back other machines.
>MS Support was engaged and spent some time on it (I know), but they concluded
>(I do not have all details):
>Reset windows retaining files
>or / then
>a clean win10 install then install Paradox
>They did seem to indicate they no issue like this, but who knows what they
>actually looked at.
>The odd thing is that if you open Paradox, open any object, such as a table,
>form, choose interactively from menu   File-Print,;   Paradox hard closes.
>I have seen MANY combinations of al sorts of OSes, builds, PDOX (all the
>way back to DOS). Never seen this issue before.
>=?UTF-8?Q?G=c3=bcnter?= <> wrote:
>>1) do not print from RSL-Preview
>>   better show it (without menu), ask user if ok and then print via OPAL
>>2) RSL is most safer then RDL
>>3) after P9 (or R9) starts, first one rsl-Preview has to be shown
>>4) do not have "one note Printer" first in the Printer-List
>>5) detect Printernames with a
>>method open(var eventInfo Event)
>>	ali longint
>>	ars array[] string
>>   t table
>>	TC TCursor
>>   s,s1,s2 string
>>	;s1="Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Windows"
>>	;s=getRegistryValue(s1,"Device",regKeyCurrentUser) ;Default Printer
>>   s2="Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\PrinterPorts"
>>   enumRegistryValueNames(s2,regKeyCurrentUser,ars)  ;all Printers
>>   ;ars.view(s)
>>   ;Fehlerquelle eventuell Backslashes, wenn Drucker nicht auf diesem System
>>   ;funktioniert unter Win8
>>   if NOT istable(":PRIV:PrintW.db") then
>>   	t=create ":PRIV:PrintW.db"
>>      	with "Drucker" : "A255"
>>      endcreate
>>      sleep()
>>   endif
>>   P.TCopenP(TC,"PrintW",0)
>>   TC.empty()
>>   TC.edit()
>>   for ali from 1 to ars.size()
>>   	TC.insertrecord()
>>      TC.(1)=ars[ali]
>>      TC.unlockrecord()
>>   endfor
>>   TC.close()
>>	dodefault
>>	self.dataSource="[:PRIV:PrintW.Drucker]"
>>6) set printer with a method like this:
>>method DruckerSetzen(Name string)logical
>>   Printer array[] string
>>   ali longint
>>   s string
>>   enumprinters(Printer)
>>   for ali from 1 to Printer.size()
>>   	s=Printer[ali]
>>      s=s.substr(1,",")-1)
>>      if s.size()>31 then
>>      	s=s.substr(1,31)
>>      endif
>>      if Name=s then
>>      	if PrinterSetCurrent(Printer[ali]) then
>>      		return(true)
>>         else
>>         	return(false)
>>         endif
>>      endif
>>   endfor
>>   return(false)
>>Am 26.02.2019 um 01:16 schrieb Kevin Zawicki:
>>> To assist in troubleshoot (previous post)>
>>> I know I have seen various charts and lists.
>>> I am looking for a list for Paradox  / WP office Pro that list Paradox
>>> and builds, what the patches change the build to, etc.
>>> What BDEs are compatible with which? Always use the latest?
>>> Working with Paradox 9 and up.
>>> I know the history and know no real new features. Just gathering info.
>>> trying pdox 10 on a problem machine before a full rebuild

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