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Subject:Printing Problem problem AGAIN Win 10 - Paradox 9
Date:Wed, 17 Apr 2019 16:41:53 +0100
From:John Wright <>
Earlier on this year and after a Win 10 Update from Microsoft Paradox 9 
would not print but closed PD down. I think it might have been Steven 
Green who eventually found that an update to ONE NOTE was the the 
problem and if that Program was unistalled PD 9 printed reportys etc. 
fine onnce more. This I found was the answer. HOWEVER, I noticed that a 
more recent update from Microsoft had reinstalled ONE NOTE and promptly 
unistalled it. However, now it seems there is something else influencing 
Report Printing as once more trying to print some labels it again 
refuses shuts down PDox 9. On another WIN 10 machine the same script 
causes a GPV.

Any ideas please?

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